Terms of Use

Last material update: 20th September 2023

Welcome to the POODL Exchange Token. Terms of Use Agreement (the "Agreement"). Please spend a few minutes reading it carefully before using any services or products from POODL Exchange Token.

1. Introduction

2. Modification of this Agreement

3. Eligibility

4. Proprietary rights

5. Additional rights

6. Privacy rights

7. Prohibited activity

8. Not registered with the SEC, ESMA, or any other agency

9. Non-solicitation; no investment advice

10. Assumption of risk

11. No guarantee of returns

12. No warranties

13. Non-custodial and no fiduciary duties

14. Compliance obligations

15. Third-party resources and promotions

16. Release of claims

17. Indemnity

18. Limitation of Liability

19. Dispute resolution

20. Class action and jury trial waiver

21. Governing Law

22. Entire Agreement

Risk Disclaimer: Trading and owning cryptocurrencies is risky. You could lose all of your invested capital due to the high volatility and possible lack of sufficient liquidity of cryptocurrencies. Past performance, simulations, and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Please consider if trading and owning cryptocurrencies is appropriate for your financial situation.

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